Online Coaching

Online Golf CoachingBusy tournament schedule?

Don’t have time to meet in person?

Located in another country?

No Problem! With Jude’s Online coaching programs

Online Caddy

Carry the resources of a personal caddy while on the go with the online caddy program. The online caddy is perfect for busy tournament schedules as it allows for coaching on pre-tournament preparation and daily performance debriefing, regardless of location. Learn the skills needed to stay mentally tough and focused before, during, and after a tournament through Jude’s coaching. With an emphasis on tournament preparation and post play analysis, see the benefits of a personal caddy without the time or location constraint.

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Online 12 Month Player Development ProgramOnline Health Course

Receive all the benefits of the 12 Month Player Development Program no matter where you are located, with the online version. Coaching sessions will be given via Skype and/or phone conversations, but loose non of the power with online tutorials and resources for each of the program’s 10 steps. Scheduling is made more flexible, while lessons still teach key performance enhancing techniques such as nutrition, relaxation and recovery, physical fitness, and concentration.

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